NeroVisionAPI Zaps DVDs!

Hello there.
I am having a problem with the Nero SDK, specifically with NeroVisionAPI.
We are using the NVAPIExample.exe executable, as a proof of concept, to add several videos to a DVD project and create a DVD that could be played in a commercial DVD player.

When we add the videos and run the NVAPIExample.exe, it produces a DVD which is not readable on any DVD player. The DVD disk is gone after the burning process and can be used only as a coaster. From the computer, the DVD appears to have no data and the properties of the DVD show 0 bytes on space used and 0 bytes on free space.

We were adding MPEG2 videos that do not add to 1 Gig. The DVD media we are using is 4X DVD-R, with the speed set at maximum on the NVAPIExample.exe dialog box.
The DVD burner we are using is the Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-109.

Now… here is the funny part. When we use the Nero VisionExpress on the same machine with the same DVD burner, we can burn and read the DVD with no problems at all. The DVD is fine and we can play it on the computer’s DVD player and on the commercial DVD players we have available.

Any ideas what could be going on?


Can anybody help me out here? Please, please, very please?
This is really critical for us.
Any help or guidance on the right direcction will be very much appreciated!