NeroVisionAPI.MovieExporter - Help?



I’m working on a project to create a VB.NET solution to a high-volume, multiple video export issue. This is my first time working with the Nero SDK, and I’ve had a lot of trouble getting started just because the documentation is vague and there seems to be literally no available examples on the net.

What I’m wanting to work with is the NeroVisionAPI.MovieExporter.

A simple example of how to use this object and the MovieExporter.ExportMovie method to send an MPG to an AVI would be very much appreciated. Any language an example can be provided in, I can translate myself.



I cannot help u (never done that stuff), but if is your first project and u can choose another sdk…change it :slight_smile:
nero sdk is dead from 2+ years and no one from the nero team seems to look here.
If u want to stay with nero (bad idea), be sure to use last 7.xx version, only from Nero- NeroVisionAPI seems to work.
nero 8 is forbitten, 6 is good but no vista support


Can you recommend another video SDK package?