I have been having trouble with the encoding of a fairly large DVD production (50 minutes). Basically NV4 just “stalls”. There are no error messages and the time at which this occurs varies. The only way out is CTRL-Alt-Del.

The production starts with a MPEG-2 file of 1m40s and then contains about 400 AVI files with 8 maps at a number of places which are also MPEG-2 files. There are also the usual fades and text overlays and some voice-over tracks and background music throughout.

The crazy thing is that I have managed two completed DVDs which I have made as “rushes”. I have found that things seem to work better if I use 1-pass encoding.

I also feel that the problem may lie in the mixture of MPEG and AVI files as the onscreen display seems to pause for a long time at the end of these files before catching up with the encoding.

I have plenty of capacity in my machine as shown below. Does anyone recognise this type of problem. BTW-I will be downloading tomorrow and doing a complete clean and install.

Thanks in advance for any advice. Ooops! sorry for the messy signature :o

NV4 does have problems with .avi files, depending on how they were encoded. The only time I got a bad burn was when I was mixing different types of files, so it may have something to do with that.

The newer version does seem to be a little better with .avi files, but still I don’t believe it is working correctly. You may try exporting the .avi files first and then putting those files back on the timeline as you did before.

Many folks have problems with audio sync when using certain types of .avi files in NV4. You might check the audio settings to see if you could try another setting.

Thanks Saltgrass,

I think you could be right as it was a “previous” project which I had tried to edit using MainConcept EVE2 (has a great variable audio volume feature) before I got my new “all powerful” Dell. I am not sure what I used to capture all those AVI files and there may have been something in that. Nevertheless I HAVE managed to get it all sorted and that project is now completed. I have now cleared out all the old crap that I was scared to delete incase I needed it and am about to start my next project with a clean slate using Nero7 throughout - hope for trouble free editing :rolleyes:

I might even give EVE2 another try as I really like the audio volume control but I note that it has not had an upgrade since 2004 so maybe they have decided that it was too glitchy - I found if very much so but put it down to lack of processing power/memory.