NeroVision XML and templates



Hi folks.

I’m trying to use NeroVision as the backend behind a DVD authoring solution. Currently I’m testing with NV 2, soon to upgrade to NV 3 (as that is what we’ll be buying for our customers). Everything is working well, except for some cosmetic issues that I’m trying to tweak to satisfy some of our customer requirements.

The XML I’m currently using (SetXMLFile) is as follows:

(?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?)
(nerovision-project version="1" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="NeroVisionAPI.xsd")
(dvd encoding="NTSC")
(label>This is a label!(/label)
(videotitle name="My Video" id="t1")
(video src="C:\vids\3_0"/)
(video src="C:\vids\3_0"/)
(video src="C:\vids\3_0"/)
(video src="C:\vids\3_0"/)
(chapter-mark pos="0" id="t2" name="My Video"/)
(menu default-thumbnail="FirstNonEmptyFrame")
(default-template name="Light 2")
(chapter-menu title-id="t1"/)

(XML has been edited to be displayable in this forum. Probably could have just used PRE tags?)

This works perfectly except for a few things, and I’m hoping someone could help me with this:

(1) The caption of the video is always “Light”, which is the name of the Nero template. For example, if I used “Island”, I would see the text “Island” on the DVD menu. I’ve read over the API docs and cannot find the XML attribute/element used to change the title for the menu structure to “Whatever My Title Is”.

(2) I couldn’t find an example for “not using” a Nero template. Specifically, I’d like the users to be able to provide a custom background and possibly font colors, rather than using one of the installed backgrounds. A solid color or plain background would do fine if I couldn’t get users to pick images.

(3) While the main menu correctly contains the subtitle “My Video” written underneath the thumbnail (this is great!) the chapter menu only shows the text “1.” written under the video. Is there any way I can get a text description written under the video under the chapter menu?

(4) Ok, this is really odd. When playing the video back with PowerDVD, I see the thumbanil for the box cover of the movie “Blade” on the main screen. I did not have this problem when I authored DVD’s with DVD author, so I’m guessing (possibly) NV 2 has included the Blade box into the DVD somehow? Is this possible? (Note: I’ve never watched Blade on this computer, so I have no idea how this might have occured). Not sure our customers would particularly care for vampire slaying to be so prominently featured, but I thought it was funny.

Anyhow, any help you can provide on any of these XML configuration related issues would be greatly appreciated!


Ok, I’ve discovered that in NeroVision (the GUI, not the API) it is possible to set a title for the DVD – for example, changing “Island” to “Test 12345”. This is (in the UI), visible as a Header/Footer setting. However in the XML I do not see header/footer except for inside of the slideshow? How can I, within the limits imposed by the XSD file, adjust these settings? Is there a way to convert a NeroVision project file to XML for use as a reference?


Also, I see how to save a template within the UI, although I can’t tell where this file is saved. I’m hoping to be able to ship the template with my application, but to do so, I need to be able to copy it somewhere.

I can get by easily and don’t need to worry about the above issues if I can create and programmatically import my own template – just need to know where the files are.

Any help would be much appreciated.



User-defined templates are saved under “<UserApplicationData>\Ahead\NeroVision
ve-mtmpl.bin“. (e.g. “C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\Ahead\NeroVision


I’m having exactly problem #3 from the above:

(3) While the main menu correctly contains the subtitle “My Video” written underneath the thumbnail (this is great!) the chapter menu only shows the text “1.” written under the video. Is there any way I can get a text description written under the video under the chapter menu?

Here is my XML input (wrapping in HTML tag so it would display properly):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<nerovision-project version="1" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="NeroVisionAPI.xsd">
  <dvd encoding="NTSC">
    <label>This is a label!</label>
      <videotitle name="Chapters" id="t1">
        <video src="C:\\video\\in\\family_dvd.mpg"/>
          <chapter-mark pos="0" id="c1" name="Chapter 1"/>
          <chapter-mark pos="47" id="c2" name="Chapter 2"/>
          <chapter-mark pos="281" id="c3" name="Chapter 3"/>
          <chapter-mark pos="635" id="c4" name="Chapter 4"/>
          <chapter-mark pos="722" id="c5" name="Chapter 5"/>
          <chapter-mark pos="1233" id="c6" name="Chapter 6"/>
          <chapter-mark pos="1238" id="c7" name="Chapter 7"/>
          <chapter-mark pos="1831" id="c8" name="Chapter 8"/>
          <chapter-mark pos="2048" id="c9" name="Chapter 9"/>
          <chapter-mark pos="2351" id="c10" name="Chapter 10"/>
      <videotitle name="Montages" id="t2">
        <video src="C:\\video\\in\\family_montage_standard.mpg"/>
          <chapter-mark pos="0" id="m1" name="Standard Montage"/>
    <menu default-thumbnail="FirstNonEmptyFrame">
      <default-template id="templ1" name="Family Fun"/>
      <chapter-menu title-id="t1"/>
      <chapter-menu title-id="t2"/>

I get one chapter, labeled “1.” and that’s it.


Hmm. OK, so I see that there are some Nero AG people around this forum and that they’re still active. That’s good news.

I’m a little dissapointed that I didn’t get a response to this problem (and that mpd didn’t get one 5 months ago either). As far as I can tell I have an XML doc that is consistent with the schema provided, and it clealry does not work, at all.

So how about this. Has anyone ever actually succeeded in authoring a DVD with the NeroVision SDK (preferrable with more than one chapter per title)? If so, would you mind posting your XML so that I can take a look and see what is different?

The lack of any examples for DVD authoring in the SDK and docs and the fact that the only other info that I can find on this form regarding this is that it didn’t work (from 5 months ago, with no answers) makes me suspicious about whether it works at all.

I’d really love to be able to author DVDs with Nero from my app and not go deliver a giant bag of money to Sonic for AuthorScript. Maybe I’m dreaming.


How much money does Sonic want for AuthorScript? THeir web-site doesn’t say,
and they haven’t answered my e-mails & phone calls to tell me. So… I’m starting to
think it must be a big bag…