NeroVision VideoCD Project into VideoDVD Project?


I created a VideoCD Project with NeroVision Express 3. After a while I found out that the VideoCD will be too big to fit an a CD. Is it possible to take the VideoCD project and “convert” it to a VideoDVD project? I don´t wanna lose the entire work - took me 20 hours…

Thanks in advance

You should be able to convert them if you saved the project. Start a new DVD project and open your existing CD project.

Your project should have been saved as an image with an .nrg extension. Open up Nero Burning and start new DVD compilation. Under recorder, “burn image”. Open up your project and burn to DVD. Should work for ya.

Thanks for the reply! I saved my project several times. Strange thing is the fact that my file has a *.nvc extension and it´s only 15 KB in size. It should be around 900 MB but I was not able to locate the place where NeroVision stores the file ? If I click the small *.nvc file the project opens fine but I just can´t find the real place…