NeroVision troubles


I’ve some troubles with this part of the SDK.
First, as another customer, burning of DVD returns DVD engine errors, when I do not use MPEG 2 files. If I burn the same project in VCD/SVCD it’s OK. Note that I’m mainly using WMV files.

Second, the structure of the XML schema is very well described, but it’s difficult to know how to use it.
eg: If I create chapters, I have a submenu for each main title. But I only want the main menu. If I don’t then the main menu automatically creates one menu and each title is played once selected. somewhat weird to me.

how do I create some titles, and a sub menu for each title only if it has some submenus ? with chapter-id instead of title-id ?

I may find, but it’s a general rule of the documentation; every function is there but most often we have to guess how it works. If it’s used in the samples, then it’s fine; otherwise it’s very difficult to find (trying, trying and trying again).

However it’s a very good work and SDK.