NeroVision Transcoding

I have been using NeroVision to transcode (export) some DivX files into MPEG files using the DVD template. How can I accomplish this same task programmatically so that I can do this as a batch conversion? I have looked over the NeroAPI and NeroVision API documentation and can’t seem to find the answer that I am looking for. I have also already done some web searching and forum searching with no luck. I know that I have to use a NERO_NONENCODED_VIDEO_ITEM (don’t have the docs in front of me, but that is basically it). If somebody could at least guide me to a sample or to someplace in the docs that mentions it I would greatly appreciate that.


Unfortunately it is currently not possible, neither with NeroAPI nor NeroVisionAPI, to make transcoding to a separate file.

Do you have any plan to add this?