NeroVision SaveLogs

Here is my log, can anyone tell me what is going on? Am I suppose to be using DVD+R discs or DVD-R’s? I just bought a new computer and mine came with Nero 6, I updated my package to NeroVision and I have the DVD Plug-In installed. What is going on? All I want to do is burn .mpeg’s. I’ve read on here and it seems like people are asking people to post their logs. So here is my Error Log in NeroVision.

Getting an Error Cause: 129

14 views and no one knows anything…?

Updated it to Nero Vision 3…same thing. Error 129. Can’t burn. Wasted 3 DVD-R’s already. No one knows anything? Also tried emailing Nero, no response.

@ Johnni
Post the entire error log. Remove your name and serial number from the top of the log first. Save as a .txt file and attach using the ‘manage attachments’ button in the ‘go advanced’ reply window