NeroVision Problems

I’m trying to produce a DVD of videos i have recorded using screen capture software.

I’ve used Camtasia Studio to grab my computer screen. At this stage the video quality is exceptional.

I then neaten things up and add effects with Adobe Premiere 6.5, again the video file produced from here still has exceptional quality.

Finally i get around to wanting to put my avi files onto DVD. For this i use NeroVision, when the DVD is finally burnt, the quality when i replay it is apauling. The text on the video is very pixelated and difficult to read.

I’ve tried various combinations of settings for NeroVision and nothing seems to improve the quality.

The video size at all three stages is 720x576 (which i believe is the correct size for standard PAL DVDs)

My question is how can i improve the quality of the DVD video? Is there someting alternative to NeroVision I can use that will convert my avi files to dvd?

Since you have adobe premeire, why not use it to encode. I use premiere 6.5 all the time to encode my avi files, and I’m pleased with the results. You may have files that are too big, and are over compressing the file. You might try breaking it up into two projects and burn two seperate dvd’s.

So i encode them using the Adobe MPEG Encoder. That gives me a .m2v file for video and a .wav for audio. (Do i need to convert the wav to ac3 ?).

Then how do i get these files to a dvd?, can i drag and drop them into Nero (thats the only burning software i have :frowning: ).

How do you burn them to DVD?

I’m not sure what you are doing, but after I encode, I have an mpeg2 file. I then use a dvd burning app. (for me it is DVD Architect), and I’m done. There are lots of other apps you can use. I’m sure Nero will work fine. You should be able to just burn with Nero, or use nero to make a menu and then burn. Only thing I use Nero for is burning CD’s.

NeroVision seems to always want to re-encode any video files i give it when making a Video DVD.

When you make your movies do you goto File>>Export Timeline>>Movie, as I refering to File>>Export Timeline>>Adobe Mpeg Encoder

I do want the disk to be playable in standalone DVD players and it must have a menu. So maybe i need something like DVD-Lab which I’ve just downloaded the 30 day trial of, so I’ll let you know how i get on.

Thanks for your help and speedy replys :slight_smile:

It seems that DVD-Lab does the job, the output is much clearer and there’s more to play with when creating menus.

Thanks harley2ride for all your help

What burner do you have and what media are you using? Nero should do the job just fine. Also have you upgraded your Nero to the latest version?

If you have the ES streams (m2v and wav or ac3 or mp2) you can use IFO edit to make a basic DVD