NeroVision Photo Slide Show Internal Error 1005

Hello, I am using NeroVision Express to create a photo slide show. I am getting the following error whenever I try and burn the project…
“Unable to prepare data for recording: the structure of the created disc is too complex (internal error 1005)”

I have tried to isolate the problem and it is within one slide show within the project, but then I tried to split it up and I still am getting the same problem.

I am attaching the errorlog file in case that helps.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


I would rather burn my photo in ISO format on CD or DVD then I put in program called MyAlbum and would give me the best result for photo show possible.

Thanks for your quick reply. I’m not sure I totally understand your recommendation. Are you suggesting I use something other than Nero? Thanks

So I was able to narrow down the problem. It seems to be related to when I have too many photos in a slide show. It seemed like the threshold was around 1,000, but not sure exactly as I assume there are other variables.

Anyhow, I hope this helps.