Nerovision nightmare: Please help

I hope this is the correct forum for this question:

I have been emailing nero tech support with this for about 3 weeks.
So far, no help.

I had nerovision 2 and it burned DVD’s fine.
I updated to nerovison 3 a few weeks back. Now, although I get no error
messages during the burning process, once done
the dvd looks like a slide show with one frame every
10 seconds or so while the sound is about normal.

My specs are: XP SP2, Pentium IV, 750 megs main memory, via chipset,
AC97 sound, 128 mb video card. Liteon DVD ±R\RW (and Khypermedia DVD +R\RW)

My video clips are avi files imported from camcorder
div type 1.

problem happens when burning to file on hard drive or DVD disk

I have tried the following and none helped:

Used Nero tool that nero tech suggested and removed old drivers -nothing
Nero tech suggested firmware upgrade, did not work
Uninstall Nero 3 reinstall 2 - no change
Tried original soundcard driver that came with mo/bo - nothing
tried other software with some success but no sound
imported more video clips of div type 1 and type 2 - exact same result

transformed avi to mpeg 1 using another tool but still would not burn correctly - then transformed avi to mpeg 2, nero complains that I have
to purchase some kind of license or similar to burn mpeg 2

checked virtual memory settings, look fine

changed temp directory to secondary hd which has 25 GB free - no help

purchased new dvd recorder liteon and replaced khypermedia drive - exact same behavior.

I have tried various settings including “automatic” and others with no change

I’m using OEM version of Nero about 6.6 after update, I think.
And the latest nerovision version 3.

I am thinking nerovison 3 installation process butchered something
in my system that the uninstall does not correct.

My next step is to use system restore, though I am trying
to avoid this.

Any suggestion or help will be greatly appreciated.
:sad: :sad:

I can post a log file or infotool.txt file if need be, although I will not
be able to post tonight.
Thanks in advance…

What is the DVD media you are using? I believe it’s either bad media or encoding process.

it must be in the encoding because
even if I write the DVD to a file on
the hard drive and open with media player,
I get the same problem.