NeroVision Mpeg Audio Option?

I’m trying to make a DVD in NeroVision Express from an MPEG file which has its audio encoded as MPEG Audio Layer 2.

When I try to set the Video Options for audio output, there are only 2 choices - AC3 and LPCM. This means the file has to be transcoded when it was already DVD compliant.

Does anyone know if the MPEG audio option would appear if I installed the MPEG2/DVD encoder plug-in? Or another plug-in?


According to the DVD standard, an NTSC DVD must have one AC3 or LPCM audio track. An NTSC DVD with only MP2 audio is not standards compliant, although most players will play it.


Thanks for the reply. I guess there’s no Mpeg audio option in NeroVision. I had written to Nero tech support and received what I now know is a canned reply from their FAQ about Mpeg encoders not working. That’s why I asked the question about MPEG audio plug-ins.

My problem is that I want to offload some TV captures from a WINTV DVR-250 and BeyondTV to DVD but the captures have MPEG audio. There’s no option that I can see to change this audio capture to DVD compliant. Looks like I’ll have to transcode the audio.


I have a 250 also. It will only create MP2 audio. You will have to transcode the audio or find a DVD authoring program that will let you make a noncompliant DVD. I’ve done it, but I don’t remember what authoring program I used. It might have been the version of Ulead Movie Factory that came with the 250. I don’t have it installed right now, so I can’t check.


Tried it today and it has an Mpeg audio option and processes the files without transcoding.
Thanks for the help.

You’re welocome.