Nerovision (Missing Audio_TS Folder)



I’ve searched the forum but couldn’t find an answer on this.

I’m capturing some video with Nerovision 4.7. The video is fine. I can do DVD- mpeg, Avi and etc withouth any problems.

But when I try to make the DVD Video with Nerovision’s built in burner, it only creates VIDEO_TS folder on the DVD. So when I put it on the DVD Player, it gives a black screen with a very very annoying buzzing sound. I am pretty sure that that’s because the absence of the AUDIO_TS folder on the DVD.

I know I can write it to hard drive first and then using Nero Burning Rom (DVD Video) to create an appropriate file.

But that is hell lot longer than writing directly to disc. Also it requires additional hard drive space.

Is there any means of forcing Nerovision to create Audio_TS during DVD Video creation? I’ve checked any settings and couldn’t find anything on it.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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The Audio_TS folder isn’t mandatory and many commercial DVDs don’t have it. Likewise most that I create don’t have one and I’ve never experienced any problems.

Personally I would never burn directly from NeroVision as a conversion failure could result in a wasted DVD.


TimC is right, Audio_TS folder is not mandatory, even if it gets created its empty if you notice. Try creating image on hard disk and burn from there.


When you say “put it on the DVD player” do you mean a set top player? Does it play normally either in simulation mode inside NV4 or when loaded on the computer DVD player?


Thanks for quick replies.

The player I am referring is a set top player connected to TV.

Let me tell the issue :

I’ve burned a DVD with Nerovision.
The set top player showed a black screen and a very loud buzzing sound.

I’ve checked the DVD in PC. There wasn’t an Audio_TS folder. But I could watch the videos in PC.
So I’ve copied the DVD in another disc and added a blank Audio_TS folder this time.

This disc played normally in the player, showing the menu and etc.

The set top player is not a new one.
I heard that some set top players wants to see the folder there empty or not.

If it were me to use the program, I wouldn’t bother the issue with burning again with Nero. But I’m asking it for someone who is illiterate on these issues. So doing the job directly in Nerovision would be very useful.


I have several DVDs I have burned using NeroVision 4 and none have an Audio_TS folder. They do play in my older DVD set top player. If what you seem to think is correct, I have no answer for you, since I don’t believe you can get NV to burn that folder.

I think I would try the 2 DVDs in other players to see if you get the same reaction. Maybe the one DVD has some flaw, that was not transferred when copied.


I really can’t think of anything other than this. I’ll check on this and report if I can find anything on the issue.

Also I’ll appreciate any feedback.

Btw I’ve checked Ulead DVD Movie Factory it adds the Audio_TS folder automatically.

Well, at least they could have done it optional in Nero.


You know what? I’ve made many DVD’s for friends but have had a few “rejects” and I’m pretty sure that adding in the “useless” AUDIO_TS folder ([I]missing from my first attempt, thank you NeroVision. Why?!! How hard could it be to simply put the folder there?[/I]) and later laboriously restored ([I]small mod., big file[/I]) has produced a working DVD.

I always burn a (defragged) .nrg image using Nero ([I]'cos it diligently sets the book type to DVD-ROM[/I]) but kinda resent having to edit the original .nrg made by NeroVision 'cos a) it requires lotsa spare disk space and b) some tools I’ve used to edit the .nrg actually corrupt the resulting DVD image to make an unplayable (when burnt) image!

Anyone know a good, fast tool for just making an AUDIO_TS folder entry in a .nrg image (or .ISO for that matter)?[/B]

Good to hear someone else thinks this should be so!


A missing Audio_TS folder really should have no effect on whether a DVD movie will play or not. As I said even many commercially produced ones don’t have that folder.


[QUOTE=TimC;1710890]A missing Audio_TS folder really should have no effect on whether a DVD movie will play or not. As I said even many commercially produced ones don’t have that folder.[/QUOTE]

Should have no effect, but does.


Since there’s still interest in the thread, you should be able to tell NeroVision to burn to a folder. Then you can create your own AUDIO_TS folder, and drag-and-drop both the VIDEO [created by NeroVision] and AUDIO folders into ImgBurn, and burn happily. Just keep the AUDIO folder handy for whenever you burn a disc. :slight_smile:


That’s a good point. Thanks.

Now, with imgBurn in build mode, could you tell me which options I need to set to create a most standard video DVD?


Drag-and-drop the VIDEO folder into ImgBurn. It should prompt you about the proper file system [ISO9660 + UDF]. After it prompts you, you can add your AUDIO folder and burn. It’s not failed me yet. :disagree:

You’ll have to enter a label for your disc. If you don’t, you’ll be prompted to do so before burning, then the burn process will commence.

You’re pretty much set up for success. :slight_smile: