NeroVision Express

Hullo :slight_smile:

I have just bought a new DVD writer, this one but am having a few problems creating DVD’s on my Athlon XP 2600 running winXP pro and Nero6/NeroVision Express

I have a large AVI file I want to play on my standalone DVD player.

If I try and create a VCD in Nero6 it barfes because the VCD file is too big for a 800MB CD.

If I try and burn a DVD it looks for the DVD files rather than the AVI.

When I try an use NeroVision express to convert my large AVI it says that the process will take 10 hours and it uses 100% of CPU on a ‘AMD XP 26000’ - surely that can’t be right?

There must be an easier way to get my avi files onto DVD than this?

Thanks in advance.

i use it and its take about 4 to 5 hour on a amd duron 1300 with a 700 meg avi which makes about 3.5 gig dvd

depending on whats running in the background that could be right

from what i recall my p4 3.0 with hyperthreading (w 1gb of ram) takes about 20-40% longer than the movie to encode with NOTHING else eating up the cpu.

If you have some stuff running in the background or are encoding off a slow drive (maybe external or the likes) it could easily be extended to that long.

Try turning off your virus scanner and if the avi file isn’t on the hard drive already put it there. Or check if you have multiple hard drives set the output to a different drive.

also try installing the latest codecs

Oh and also if you areusing ANY of the image filters it WILL be that long. If i try to up brightness by even 10% it extends a normal encoding session up to 3x what it would normally take