NeroVision Express


Not sure where to post this so I thought maybe here, I was wondering if anyone knew if nero can do Word links on a menu page, rather then just having picture/video links. That is can I set up a main menu page and have it link to playing the video and then have another page which has the chapters. Currently if you only have one video you get a chapters only page which kinda looks silly as a main title page. Only way around it I can see it making a slide show on the DVD also.


Not that I’m aware of, Aedryn. :frowning: If you’re doing only one movie you can try this: In the beginning page where you add the video files I think, click on the More button and then take the check out of “Create menu on disc”. This way you can still have and add chapters into the movie but it’ll be without a menu so the movie will just auto-start. The chapter selection menu has been a big irritation of mine with Nero for awhile now. Like, uhm, why can’t I just make a Scene Selection link for Movie 1 and Movie 2 (or whatever) off the Main Menu? hehe