NeroVision Express video/audio synchro Problem



Hi there,

I’m sorry if this is not the right forum to post this. This is actually my first post.

The problem I have is that when I burn a DVD movie (DVD+R) with the Nero Vision Express 3 (, the movie starts loosing synchronization between voice and video. At the begining is almost no notiable, but at the end it’s something like 4 or 5 secs out of synch.

The source are .AVI DivX. Does anybody know what can be wrong? I appreciate a lot your help.



I’ve been having the same exact issue. I work at a support firm and I’ve been asking around but no one has a fix. Most guys watch videos on their PC, but like yourself I would like to burn my videos to disc. I found some long complex editing fixes that require expensive software, however thats simply not an option for me.

So if you eventually find a fix, or if anyone else has some input please let me know.