Nerovision express problem



Hi, I am having a problem my nerovision express on one file that I am trying to copy onto dvd. When I go to add it it useing the “browse” for files. It acts like it is going to add it to but nothing comes up. I think that the file just needs to be converted but I was wondering if anyone else ever had this problem.


do you mean nero vision or nero express two seperate programes.if you mean express ?if its a file when you opened express did you go to vidieo files then click browse then locate the file you wish to burn highlight with one left click then press add from there and follow the instructions


This program that I am refering to is nerovision express but I also have nero express ( that program does not work with any files and refers me to use nero vision express). The screen that I have up is the “make movie” option under nerovision express and thats where I go to add my movie. It does see the file but when I go to add it it does not add and it does not come up with any errors or anything but I do think that it needs to be transcoded. I used “mediacoder” to transcode it but I think I did something wrong becuase after I transcoded it I shows up in the nerovision express but only as an audio file(it has what looks like a speaker playing audio where it would have a still image of my movie on the nerovison express) Thanks


hi what of sort files are you using ie(avi vob) and so on if you are using (ogm or ogg) as an example they will need to be converted first


can you tell me if the file plays on wmp or nero showtime away from home so just winging it will try to do better when on my own comp speak to you later