NeroVision Express = low quality

Been playing around with transcoding some high quality captured AVI files to MPEG2 and DVD formats. The results have been VERY disappointing. I’m using the VBR 2-pass mode with high bitrates. Am I missing anything or is this just another crappy transcoding program?

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is this just another crappy transcoding program?
And which are the other ?

What are high bitrates for you?

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What are high bitrates for you?


‘Disappointing’ covers a multitude of sins. What features of the output did you feel could have been better?

Have you compared this output with the same material encoded by any other encoder?

The 6Mbits/sec should be high enough for most things; what was the subject matter of your footage? The disturbed surface of a swimming pool, for example, can be a real problem.


PS For what it’s worth, I would think Nero Vision’s embedded encoder is the MainConcept one. This normally gives good, not disappointing, results.

comparing to the results with TMPGEnc, it’s really poor. Looks like low speed VHS compared to high speed SVHS. I’m guessing that the lack of noise filters and motion search are part of the reason.