NeroVision Express - length of MP3s calculated incorrectly

I’ve addressed this bug to Nero support a while ago but got nowhere (they acknowledged that the problem existed, but ended up blaming Window’s MP3 import filters and left it at that without trying to resolve the issue or reprogram around it).

The problem I have occurs when creating a DVD Photo Slideshow in NeroVision Express (it happened in v2 and is in still latest v3 release, all registered versions).

I want to use several short MP3 tracks as background to each slide show, which should just play one after the other. Nero mostly imports the MP3s fine, adds them to the audio timeline and allows me to adjust the order - but it gets the audio running time wrong in a large number of cases. e.g. if I import an MP3 with a running time of 1’15", NeroVision may quote the length as 1’55". When it plays the track, or burns the DVD slideshow, there is then a 40 second period of silence at the end of the song before the next track commences.

Some of the files are VBR (not exactly uncommon these days, so that shouldn’t be any issue!), some are raw LAME encodes, some have had their tags edited in MP3-TagScanner, there doesn’t seem to be any pattern to it. The files themselves are fine in other programs - even Nero Burning ROM loads & plays them fine & burns them to CD, Premiere Pro & lots of other software (WinAmp, Windows Media Player, etc) also play them fine with correct running times… but not NeroVision Express.

Any ideas as to a work-around, it’s really starting to annoy me. Thanks!



P.S. If anyone wants to look into this, I can upload/email a couple of sample MP3s of a megabyte or two in length.

I found this same annoying problem. The workaround is to open the .mp3 file in wave editor and delete the empty end of the file. You will see what I am talking about when you view the .mp3 file in wave editor. I have some 30 minute files that there is an additional 30 min silent trailer. ( Each one of these when burned as an audio CD would take up the entire 60min of the CD.) Once this trailer is deleted ( or crop the original) it will burn with the proper time length.


Sorry to be a noob, but what is “wave editor”? Is that a separate application, or is it part of the Nero suite?

I’m having the same issues (as well as others) with my slide shows.


Yes it’s part of the Nero suite. Might only be there in Ultra/Reloaded versions perhaps.