NeroVision Express help

I just purchased Nero 6 Ultra Edition and am having a problem with NeroVision Express. I’m trying to put Scrubs episodes from my TV tuner onto a DVD and some divx movies into DVD. I am having these problems

  1. Sometimes when I “Auto create chapters” it goes along smoothly and then stops at some percent and does nothing. I click cancel, but the screen is still there. I have to close the program with Windows Task Manager

  2. A bigger problem is that the final step of transcoding and burning, it will go along for about 15 minutes, and then do nothing, like is just halted. Even the Relapse time is still counting, but nothing is happening. Again, I click abort, the screen is still there, and I have to close with Windows Task Manager.

My overall problem is that the program halts after some time, even though it looks like it’s still working, especially in transcoding and burning.

When I first got the software, I upgraded it to NeroVision Express What frustrates me is that it worked the first time beautifully. However, I guess it was beginners luck because I haven’t gotten it to work since, and have wasted a lot of DVDs. Then, looking into this forum, I uninstalled the program, reinstalled it and didn’t do the upgrade (left it at version and am still getting the same problem.

Also, should i stick with the version 2, or upgrade it again to version 3

Please help. Thanks