Nerovision express errors



i dloaded nero and nerovision express (latest versions)…was loving creating my own dvd…wizard was great…saved my project…next day, double cliked nerovision shortcut…double clicked on saved project…

“NeroVision.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”


tried to create new dvd…

went to add video files…

“nerovision.exe application error
The instruction at “0x006ade64” referenced memory at “0x013e3830”. The memory could not be “read”
click ok to terminate the program”


tried uninstalling both nero and nerovision express and reinstalling…still messed up!

whats going on…if anyone knows a soultion, i’ll be much obliged… but in the meantime, ulead dvd movie factory here i come!


Try launching Recode 2.x…part of NVE. Works well for me.


thanks for the reply, but i want to create a dvd from dloaded tv episodes- 350 mb each roughly, xvid avi files…nero recode is for dvd video files

thanks anyways


You need to increase the virtual memory in windows. Right click on “my computer” and click properties. Click the Advanced tab. Under the performance section click Settings. Click the Advanced tab. Under the Virtual Memory section click Change. Select the Custome size option. Enter 500 for initial size and 2000 for maximum size. Click set, then click ok. That should fix the problem.


The error stems from NVE is trying to call on a .dll that isn’t there. I fussed with this problem for weeks. Here’s what worked for me.

Use the Clean Tool and uninstall Nero.
Load the free program “DVDAuthor” and then the “GUIforDVDAuthor” (both found at and check all the download boxes in the GUI set up (one of those additional .dlls in the set up package is what NERO is trying to address). Restart.
Reload NERO (but not version, that version won’t work for me no matter what, I went back to
Now NERO works again and no more error messages. (at least for me) I did this fix on two computers, an old lap top and a desk top, and it worked for both.

good luck.


I had the same problem with nero 7
The only way I got arund it was changing the quality setting from super long play back to automatic

nero vision would only shut down when I tried to import a video that put the full-o-meter in the red

the setting is under more - video options - dvd video

By doing this I was able to save and re-open my project

I just have to remember to change it back to super long before burning to my hard drive, or else the folder will be over 20 gigs

I’m importing over 9 hours of video to the project then shrinking it with dvd shrink when its done. (ignoring all warnings) This has worked fine several times untill today, like you, I tried to open my saved project and got the error


Do you by chance have Norton Ghost 2003 installed? I had the same problem and after uninstalling Ghost Nero Vision is working fine.