Nerovision Express disks and Showtime

Hi all, my first post here as I am a new burner owner. I use Nero 6.0 Ultra and downloaded the new updates on Feb. 4. I am having a problem with DVD’s of home movies that I made in the previous version of NVE. Trying to play them with the newest version of Showtime is not working. The menus built in NVE show up fine but when playing the actual movie there are only dense horizontal line patterns on the screen. I can still hear the audio portion normally. Funny thing is, the same thing happens in Windows Media player. Lines and distortion, no video. Also, when played with ATI’s DVD playing software there is NO problem. Everything is perfect. Other movies created with Nero Recode still perform flawlessly in the newest version of Showtime and Media Player. I reinstalled both Nero and Windows media player thinking a possible file problem but to no avail. Just my movies created in NVE will not play in the playback programs except ATI’s. Any ideas? Thanks very much.