NeroVision Express Compression

I just started using NVE2 V I had a series of Hi-8 movies, which, when captured into a Project file totaled about 4.6 gigs - which, the program told me was too large for the DVD. I asked to program to try a compression, but afterwards was told the file was still too big.

I am relatively new to this video processing stuff, but I have been using DVD-X-Copy Platinum for a few weeks and successfully compressing 7+ gigs onto a DVD with no apparent loss of quality.

So, I wonder if the compression algorythms in Nero are really so poor compared to DVD-X-Copy, or am I doing something wrong in NVE?

Is there a way to compress 5 gigs or so in NVE to a DVD? I see the incredible capability of NERO Recode to compress files, also, I read about sw like DVD Shrink, but am not sure if they can help within the context of a NVE Project file.

The volume of info on video processing on the net is overwhelming and much of it seems oriented to working with ripped VOB files and such, I would just like to be able to work within the context of less technical approaches that are provided by DVD-X-Copy and NVE.

Any suggestions?

Create a folder anywhere for the video file then open NVE and add your large video file and ignore the message and continue to the last menu ‘burn options’ here select write to hard disk folder. Nero will then convert your .AVI,mpeg or mpeg2 movie to .VOB,IFO and BUP files which are DVD video files. After the process is complete close the NVE and open Nero Recode and select ‘remake a dvd’ then select the ‘import dvd’ button and select the folder which contains your .vob,ifo and bup files and burn.

Thanks for your help!

I tried what you suggested. The burn to file work fine. Nero Showtime play the file perfectly .

But, when I when I try remake a DVD from Recode and selcct the file containing the ,vob,ifo and bup files (Video_TS) I get an error:
… unable to continue
Encoding Error - Illegal program state occurred

Nero Help doesn’t help interpret this, and the fact that Showtime reads and plays it just fine makes it all the more mysterious.

I also tried importing the files as data files vice ‘importdvd’ and the files transfer, but I never the the NEXT button to be available.

I tried DVD-X-Copy, thinking I gould read the file in and burn the disk but, for some
reason, although the option button exists for reading in from a file vice a DVD from the burner, that option, also, is greyed out. I need to check further on that.

Any suggestion on what the problem with Recode is?


BTW, I noticed that NERO was out and installed it. Included was updated to Recode (I was using

I tried the same procedure with this version and got the same result.



For Info:

I note on the Nero Recode forum this is a problem for others, as well.

Also, I tried using DVD Shrink for the first time with some success on this project. The DVD is playable and you can tab through the chapters, sequentially, but the menus are not working.

At least it is a viewable disk…