NeroVision Express API - Capturing & Burning




I’m new to the NeroVision Express API, so excuse me if my question is too dumb.

I know from NVE2 that it is possible to burn videos directly onto DVD from capture devices, such as framegrabbers or TV cards (on RW media with DVD-VR-filesystem, right?).

Is this also possible with the NVE API?

Thanks in advance, any help would be appreciated.


No, this is not possible with the current version. NVAPI works according to the XML project file which does not allow capture devices as sources. If NVE2 supports it, it will probably be supported by NVAPI as well, some time in the future, but don’t take it as a promise.


Thank you very much for yor answer, although it left me a litte discouraged…

Is there any other possibility to realize “direct video burning”?

Thanks again for any suggestion.


NeroVisionAPI takes a XML project which should conform to NeroSDK-1.05/NeroVisionAPI/Include/NeroVisionAPI.xsd XML schema. You might want to take a minute to take a look at it yourself as your requirement might be “hidden” in there somehow tricking me into believing that it could not be done.