NeroVision Express AnyOne?

In a previous post,I pointed out that the software in my title,was more or less,a
TMPG Enc DVD Author clone. Does anyone
here use it,and if so,is it doing it’s ‘thing’ for you??? Let me know…Thanks:cool:

I’d like to try it. Where can can I find it? And will it interfere with my installation of TMPGEnc products?


I use Nero Vision Express 2 and must say that for my purpose it is the best so far - that is because I have some needs that others might not have though …

I use it to pack several smaller DivX files on one DVD and add Menues to it (motion menues).

NVE does transcode the DivX files that have a non standard resolution. Most other DVD authoring progs either do not support .avi at all, or (like Adobe) require a standard DVD sized .avi file.

What I like:

  • Easy interface
  • Flexible motion menues, easy sub-menues
  • Automatic or manual chapter setting
  • Imports a lot of different file formats

What I do not like, would like to see improved:

  • Add buttons in custom size without having to pick a predefined layout
  • Add free text to menues

Regards - Morlock

To nmpaulcp,the software is part of Nero 6,and it can be found here,and it won’t interfere with anything,I have both on my PC,and they peacefully

To Morlock,I agree on all points…Thanks for your reply,What do you use for encoding your files to DVD Compliancy?

Hi Ruffrob,

not sure what you exactly mean with “encoding your files to DVD Compliancy”.
For my standarad compilation stuff I use NVE2. I have been evealuating a couple of other programs like Ulead Power Director, Sonic DVD Suite 4, TmpgEnc DVD Author, DVD-Lab and Adope Encore DVD but none of those could match up with the easy of use of NVE2 and still offer the same amount of flexibility.

So for encoding I use the encoder included in NVE2 - good enough for my compilation stuff that has a lower quality .avi source anyway.

For transcoding from a DVD source I usually go for DVDShrink for ease of use again and burn it with Nero. Quality is good enough and I don´t see the benefit of a full encoding process like using with CCE - people with high-end quality expectations might disagree but for me it just is good enough - even for viewing it on my beamer.

If I did not answer you question - then I misunderstood it :slight_smile:

see you - Morlock

I meant when TMPG ENC gives me an error saying the file is not ‘DVD Compliant’
I use this

Ruffrob, how well does Media Conversion Wizard perform on DiVX and Xvid AVIs in terms of quality and time taken to re-encode?

To be honest,Rendez,you’d have to download it and test it,it works reasonably fast with the files I tried thus far. But please try
it,what’s fast for me might be slow for you…Good Luck…:cool:

when tring to burn 2 movies to 1 dvd with nerovision2 halfway through it crashes

any advise appreciated

What crashes? Your PC? The Program? Is your processor up to speed? Video editing software is notorious for eating up CPU,like a hungry lion,so let us know if this a problem…

I have this same problem.
The Error message is as follows:
Windows System Error
Microsoft Windows detected and recoverd from a device failure. Please save your work and reboot to restore full funtionality.

This only happens during the transcoding in NeroVisionExpress. It messes up the desktop display mode, changes it to 4 bit color with large icons. All I can do is reboot. Any ideas. Nero hasn’t got back to me on this one. Even did all my updates and disabled virus protection on startup to see if that was causing the problem. Nothing worked. I am running program on Winxp Home sp1. I also have sonic my dvd installed and haven’t had any problems with that. If anyone has ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact me with personal message or email.

Thanks in advance!!

Originally posted by jimoo7
[B]when tring to burn 2 movies to 1 dvd with nerovision2 halfway through it crashes

any advise appreciated [/B]
:frowning: :eek: :confused:

I recently converted a 2-file Xvid movie using NVE. I was very impressed with the ease of use and the quickness of it… The final result looked ‘crisp’ but it looked as if the odd frame had been droped every few seconds when played back on my pc and sony standalone, and my friends was even worse as it was skipping chunks! I am now testing the new Pro Coder Express (about £40) which takes a lot longer (around 3-4 hrs) but the ease of use and results are brilliant. You even get a video_ts folder at the end ready to burn!

After using Recode to copy-backup my dvds, I decided to use Nerovision Express 2 to make my clip compilations with various mpges I have collected. As happy as I was to find out it really imported many different formats, when I started transcoding, the program just dissapeared from my screen after 45 minutes or so from the transcoding start. I have tried 4-5 times, even uninstalled and re-installed it, still the same problem. I use the latest version from AHEAD (Nerovision Express and my pc is : P4 2.6GHz, 512MB, 80GB HDD, Geforce2 video card, windows XP with SP1. What gives? Anyone can help? thanks