NeroVision Express 6 Virtual memory

I am using NeroVision Express 2 to burn avi files from my hard drive to DVD’s. I burned one successful dvd so far. When I went to burn another I keep recieving ‘Low Virtual Memory’ error. I have allocated about 1.4 gigs of virtual memory but when I watch the page filing it just ramps up and throws the error again. The error occurs at randomly and is not the same all the time. I even tried to burn the dvd that was successful the first time and recieved the error again. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled nero. Still no luck. Any ideas? Thanks.

i have exactly the same problem with nero though i can burn dvd’s fine with dvd shrink, hope someone can shine some light on this

I completely uninstalled Nero and also went into the program files folder and deleted any trace of nero in their. I reinstalled Nero again and it’s worked flawlessly since then. Good luck.