NeroVision Express 3 - "Write To Hard Disk Folder" option vanished!

I’ve edited a video in NeroVision Express 3, created chapter points, opted for no menus.

I was about to burn my completed DVD to a hard disk folder for later burning… when I found that the familiar “Burn to Hard Disk Folder” option had vanished.

Does anyone know a condition under which the “Burn to Hard Disk Folder” option would vanish? Somehow I need to tell Nero that my computer has hard drives, because burning direct to an actual DVD is not practical.

I’ve taken a screenshot from the product manual which shows how it is supposed to look (and how it used to look for me), followed by a screenshot of my actual NeroVision Express 3 with the missing option:

In theorizing what has gone wrong, I consider that the “Burn to Hard Disk Folder” option was present a few months ago, and since that time, the only major change to my computer is that the DVD burner is a different model. But I am not sure that would affect Nero’s awareness of my hard drives. Another possibility could be something unique about the video I have edited, but I cannot imagine what that could be.

Has anyone seen this problem, and know of a fix? I did reinstall NVE3, of course (though I did not remove it first, in fear I would lose my registration number if I did an uninstall first).

I may have found a workaround… but I am still curious for input since I am not sure it will work. I opened a project from several months ago, from when it had the Write to Hard Disk Folder option. And the old project still had that option present! So I then swapped out its video files for the new video files, to see if that option would still remain, and it did! So I am writing to the hard drive now. I do not yet know if this will “fix” future projects or if I will have to keep around an old project and always modify it or use it as the base from which to build new projects.

It is writing now…still a chance something could go wrong…

I just noticed the “DVD+VR” instead of “DVD-Video” in the header of the window. That must be the problem. Not sure what a +VR is, but it not what I wanted.