NeroVision Express 3 SE

Hello good people of CDFReaks! :slight_smile:

I have a problem with NeroVision Express 3SE that I hope you can kindly help me with please!? :confused:

I have a Pioneer 110 DVR DVD burner…not the best, but reliable to me. I find the interface for making SVCD’s in NVE 3SE very easy, and have created a nice menued SVCD totalling just over 600MB. All the files are recognised and accepted by Nero for burning, and I can ‘apparently’ burn the SVCD whenever I like.

However, what actually occurs is that Nero will show as burning the project, and the task bars will do there work as the job progresses…yet the none of the project is actually being burned at all. The DVD recorder is idle throughout. As the Pioneer is so quiet, I was fooled (first time around) into thinking the SVCD had been created. I took it out and eagerly ran over to my DVD player to test it, only to realise the CD was blank still.

I have tested the burner with other jobs, ranging from Audio, Mp3, DVD Data disc etc, and all works fine…the Nero Toolkit tests the burner as working fine, but it just wont burn the SVCD project…it’s as if its not picking up the burner, but is still showing as burning the job (?)…Also, whilst it tells me (as in the attached picture) that it is running the project off…I can actually open the CD Draw of the idle burner without even interupting the Nero software from the job at hand!!? When it’s finished, it just asks if I would like to save the project.

Can anyone help with this strange scenario please? I know it most likely something to do with settings, and being a newbie and I happy to stand accused of any simple error…just as long as someone can point out what that error is. :doh:

Thank you so much for you time in reading this heartfelt request. :iagree:


Get my honest advice and FIRST transcode the stuff, save it as image, THEN burn the image to disc.

I really appreciate you getting back to me. :bow:

I had already tried to burn the Image I save of SVCD, but it kept misfiring at the burn stage with “could not perform disc-at-once” error. I then upgraded to Nero 7 (because I was told that eriadicated the issue) but when I burned the SVCD the menus didn’t work. At this stage I ran out of discs! :slight_smile:

Having a shed load DVD’s I decided to create the same on DVD…but this time the burn didn’t get started before it failed, unable to transcode the data for burning.

My question now, is can you tell me the best and most reliable encoder of my AVI & Mpeg2s, that will make them standard for Nero DVD burning?

Thanks again for your time! :iagree:

What image type is it?

Get the free Imgburn and burn the image to cd, use 16x or 24x as burnspeed.

Thanks again!

…However, I did just that when attempting the SVCD Image burn…seeing it offered in other threads on the problem, but unfortuately that didn’t work either…I even tried DVD Decrypter. :frowning:

Is there no proggie that just standardises the files Nero DVD burning? :confused

To answer your question…it was a .NRG Image…I tried converting ti with nrg2ISO…but then Nero told me it wasn’t valid Nero file. I know Nero is supposed to be good, but apart from one Data DVD I haven’t been able to burn a single DVD, VCD, SVCD or Image file properly.:

You have no options to save it as iso in Nero?

No, unfortunately…Images are only recorded to disc as .NRG’s with Nero…well, at least with the version 7.10 that I have thats the case. :frowning: