NeroVision Express 3 SE problem when burning a dvd

I have a problem when Im trying to burn av]filesonto a 4gb dvd while using NeroVision Express 3 SE. When I have done all the selections and then click burn, it says “not enough sapce for temporary files in the specific folder ‘\DOCUME~1\Onwer\LOCALS~1\Temp’…” I am abit new to this, so can anyone tell me how to solve this problem, any help will be appreciated…

Try freeing up some HDD space on the drive that Nero is installed on and keeps it’s temp files. It’s complaining that there’s not enough space for temporary storage while it’s doing the conversion etc. :slight_smile:

So do you mean that I have to delete some files in the temp folder? In order to free space.

Edit - Do i have to delete temp files that are related to Nero or just files in the temp folder?

How much free space is available on your HD? Also, I really don’t recommend Nero for video. It will do it, but it is one of the lowest quality softwares available for doing so. There are many better softwares.

I’ve checked and i dont have much free space on C drive. Do you have any software you can recommend besides Nero?

No matter which software you use, you will need to have freespace available on your C: drive. If you can’t make space, you should get an additional HD, either internal or external. Video requires quite a bit of free space to be available, for encoding. You should strive to keep at least 20gb of free space or more… As for other encoding softwares, there are dozens (FAVC, Convertxtodvd, avi2dvd, virtualdubmod, tmpgenc, and many many more. For a more complete list, you can look at section, and check for authoring softwares. There are also many all in one softwares that are very good, for between $40 and $100.00. Ulead Video Studio, Pinnacle Studio, Vegas Movie Studio, and Adobe Premiere Elements, to name some…

Thank you very much for the recommendations harley2ride, I had to free space in C:/ in order to burn the stuff on Nero. I’ll have to look around for new and better software than Nero. I may have to buy a external hard drive to store files, so there will be more space in C:/.