NeroVision Express 3- Closing

The first video I made using Nero, was with the software, NeroVision Express 2, straight from my purchased Nero 6 CD. That seemed fine to me, it would Save properly, and it would open up properly. Now it seems that every time I save a project, using the updated NeroVision Express 3, it will not load up again. It will get to the StartSmart page and shut down. If I want to make a video, I have to keep the window open, and not Save it, and complete it there and then. Also, occasionaly when I drag an Audio file to either Audio 1 or Audio 2, it will shut down automatically. This only happens on occasion.

Can anyone help me with this?

Also, is it possible to customize the size that a project is saved to, or does it depend entirley upon the size of the video clips and audio. Like in Windows Movie Maker, there is an option to Fit to the Best Size. If not can I be directed to an mpeg compressor? I’ve looked, but with no luck.

Pffft, Nero hates me…

@ Krwlng
I don’t have good knowledge of that program, and since no-one else is answering you, you may find some answers searching around Afterdawn

Thanks for directing me there, I will check it out. If anyone else has any idea of how to help me, please speak up.

No luck at Afterdawn, the problem persists. I’m beginning to dislike Nero, my Windows Movie Maker broke aswell so my video making days are over until megets Pinnacle. In a next lifetime when I have money…

@ Krwlng
I though I saw a post there about the buggy StartSmart and how to remove it. Do you have the latest nero? Sometimes nero conflicts with other burning/video software. You could try to uninstall all, then reinstall one.

I’m pretty sure that I have the latest Nero. I installed Nero 6, and only Burning Rom from that, nothing else. Then with the updates, I downloaded and installed the rest from there. It’s all updated fully. A buggy StartSmart?

Wow, maybe not so many people use this as I thought…

I’m going to bump this again, I still haven’t found the solution to all this, I don’t get it either. Everytime I add audio to Audio 1 or Audio 2, it closes.