NeroVision Express Editor Playback Lag

I was using NeroVision Express with no problem editing .mpg files.

Tried installing NeroVision Express and encountered the following problem:

When editing the start/end/cut points in the editor the Playback Window appears to lag the actual position by one key/mouse press.

This can be demonstrated by moving the current viewing position forward a second at a time. Then try reversing direction and go backwards one second at a time; the playback window will still go forward one second before it starts going backwards. Reverse direction again and the playback window will continue to lag behind the key presses.

This makes it very frustrating when trying to do any editing as you cannot rely on what you see in the Playback Window.

Is anyone else seeing this problem or is it just something on my machine?

I have now reverted back to

Appear to have solved the problem … re-installed the graphics driver on this system and then re-installed NeroVision Express and the problem has gone away.

I was wrong I hadn’t solved the problem. I have also replicated the problem on another system with a compeletey different graphics card.

The problem is most apparent if you move the current viewing position in the editor to a scene change in the image being edited. Now step forwards and backwards 5 or 6 seconds in 1 second increments around this scene change and see which scene is displayed for a given time code.

The scene that is displayed for a given time code is not fixed like it should be but appears to slightly vary as you step backwards and forwards.