NeroVision Express 2 Slide SHow Size, Need Help

Help!! I am trying to make a slide show using NeroVision Express 2 version, and have approx 300 or more pictures of a wedding to put onto a CD or a DVD. However, when I attempt to bring more than a “magic” 99 pictures in to the program, it says that’s all that is allowed on a slide show? SURELY this cannot be the case!!! A mere 99 pictures on a 4.7GB DVD disc? I think I must be doing something wrong, but the manual says nothing as the the AMOUNT of pics that NeroVision Express 2 can handle. Any help would be appreciated!!!

You can have as many of these ‘slide shows’ as you want (I think)

The problem is when each of thse becomes a ‘chapter’. There is, apparently, a section on the dvd reserved for these chapters (which are part of the menu and allow viewers to goto each one). Evidently there is not enough room for more than, about 2 pages of these. I have found that if you try and add music or too many of these things the entire system freezes.

In dealing with video dvd’s of home movies, for instance, I was able to burn if I kept the chapters to less than 12. For slide show stuff I have over 70 and its consistently freezing my system.

I am going to post and see if anybody else has thoughts on this one. I suspect that one might be able to delete the chapters from the menues and possibly win.

Do not count on nero support to give you any. Their stock answer to EVERYTHING is to remove the program and then re-install and this does not work (I have done it about 5 times so far)

I solved the problem by obtaining ULead DVD PictureShow 2; it allows for large numbers of pictures WITHIN the slide shows, up to 99 slideshows per disk. It also allows for background music FADE OUT, whereas Nero Vision does not seem to offer this; when the music ends, it does so with a very abrupt WHACK. (crude). I burned a “practice” DVD+RW disc with Nero Express, and tried it on a stand alone DVD player, and noticed a LOT of vertical jitter; after burning with the Ulead program, VERY stable pictures. I think I am going to use the Ulead!!! SO far…so good!


You can put more than 99 pict on a single disc by creating multiple slideshows in that project/compilation. When you burn the disc you will have multiple menus options. In each show you can use the same music tracks or you can totally use different features in each show. For more details about the process you can checkout the How To Guides on the Nero web site.

How to Create a SlideShow

How To Guides:

In any project using Nero Vision Express 2, you can use multiple movie files and slideshows, multiple movies or multiple slideshows.



What you say is right and the program is, conceptually, really great! When it comes, however, to actual use there are some little problems. I have, for instance, 77 slide shows to put on a DVD. This blows up the program consistently, on multiple machines (just to make sure there wasn’t a hardware problem). You can also blow up nero when you are using multiple chapters on a home movie (more than 14). It not only does not give you an error but simply freezes the entire system and reboot is necessary. I have whined to them about this - no response (yet and its been a couple of weeks)

I should also mention that if you put music on, and want to take it off, it really doesn’t come off. You can see this if you check the nerovision log after removing an audio file. You can work around this one but eithe renaming the file or moving it. If the program can’t find it it will REALLY take it out.

I have been a nero user for several years now. Their design just keeps getting better as their program(s) becomes more delicate.

Just a thought…


What version of Nero Vision Express 2 are you using? I would like to test this issue.


Darrick latest and greatest

I have also removed (w/nero clean) the entire set and reinstalled - 3 times. I should also mention that the size of the complete burn makes no difference. (blows up way before it gets to burning)

Please somebody help me. I just had a DVD burner with Nero Express 2 installed on my comp. I am trying to make a slide show with music that I have downloaded from Napster. Before I had this installed I was using Windows Movie Maker and was able to import a song from Napster. I burned the song on my CD and then ripped it into Windows Media Player. That’s the only way it would let me import it. Since I’ve had this new stuff I can’t seem to get any songs to import from Napster. When I try it in Nero it just says it can’t import it, so when I try it from Win. Movie Maker it says “protected using digital rights management and cannot be imported”. What am I doing wrong?