NeroVision Express 2 & DivX

Hi all,

since my standalone DVD-player doesn’t support DivX, I thought the easy solution would be to use NeroVision Express to transcode the DivX to DVD format. Imported the DivX, set chapter points, created menu and let the software work for about 3 hours. DVD-files are created w/o a problem. The only strange thing is the fact the sound is out-of-sync (ahead of picture), minimal from like 20 mins in the movie and very annoying, I guess like .5 sec ahead, towards the end of the movie. Never experienced this when using DV-Cam files as source.

Still find NeroVision Express 2 a very easy (and even powerful) program. Anyone has an idea how to fix this?



(using NeroVision Express 2 version - the latest one)

That issue is covered in one of these guides

Thanks FutureProof! A lot of tools needed though …


re-did my little project using the latest Vision Express 2 V2.1.03 and everything is perfectly in sync now on the DVD …

I still ran across the ‘sound out of sync’ problem with Nero Vision Express 2, even with the newest v2.1.20. Here is how I fixed it.

  1. At the bottom of each option screen, I clicked on MORE and then UNchecked every option box there.

  2. When that does not do it all the way, I ALSO go to the Video Options tab at the ‘More’ options, and set the ‘Quality’ setting on ‘Customize’ and then use the up/down arrows to set it to its lowest setting. (Don’t worry about the quality here, if you have good to excellent equipment on your computer, the quality will still be excellent. If your video card or something is junk, then that is what you will get, it will NOT be the fault of the sofware, but YOUR HARDWARE).

One other thought: I always keep the newest Full Codec Pack from KazaaLite K++ installed on my 'puter. Found that without it that Nero would not do ALL Avi’s etc. Does them ALL with this codec pack installed though. (Current version as of this week is klcodec224f.exe (Kazaa Lite Codec Pack 224 Full).

Hope this is of help to somone.