NeroVision Express 2 Bugs

First, is there a better forum to post this to? If there is, let me know and kill this thread. Thanks.

Now to the problems.

I reported a problem last month about NeroVision Express 2 losing sync. I’ve just downloaded and installed the latest upgrades in hopes it will solve the problem with the sync. In the meantime, I’ve experienced another problem with some groups of episodes (not all of them) experiencing an error during the burn process from NeroVision Express 2. I’ve reported this to Nero and included both the log file and the infotool report.

Since I have never had a problem with using DVD Shrink and Nero’s burn engine, I must assume that NeroVision has its own burn engine. The error in this case is 128 (rmc_processing_exception) source: CDVProcessor::ProcessSector description: buffer overflow.

This is writing to a defragmented hard drive with over 100 Gigabytes free (it’s on a striped pair of 160G Maxtors). The same problem occurrs with the same set of files when writing to a 160G Western Digital (no striping).

Hopefully, Nero can address and fix this problem, but if anyone has any suggestions for settings (it is a relatively new install of XP Pro with SP1 and all the critical updates applied) and the drive is listed below with latest firmware upgrade… and no other apps on the system… pretty much isolated from the world.

The oddity about all this is that if I try with three episodes (instead of four), I don’t see the error. Also, if I try any three, I don’t see the error. I don’t see the error with other sets of episodes, either… Nor do I see any problem using Nero’s burning software… just Nerovision…