NeroVision Express 2/3/4 Issues

Hey guys,
I had this problem before and I got rid of it somehow but it’s been far too long to remember how I did it. Recently I reformatted and I’m back to the old problem. Okay, basically, I’ll open Nero Express (any version) and Go to Create DVD-Video. I’ll drag an .avi file into the “list of avis on the DVD”, it will be fine. I’ll start designing the menu and that’s where I get problems. I can do everything but load a .jpg background for the DVD. As soon as I hit the Background option and the window pops out to the right, it just freezes on me. I see the little green buttons but I can’t click on them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


OK, I am using NeroVision 4–If you hit the background button, and choose the middle icon on the top for background picture and then hit the browse button, it locks up there? Or does it lock when the window opens if you hold the mouse over background? I am assuming you are using NeroVision and not Nero Express as you state in your question–can be a little confusing from one version to another.

If it is locking up, maybe something is conflicting with it somehow, or maybe a bad install.

If you use a file other than an .avi, does it lock up also?

Yeah, just like you said, it locks up when I hover over top of “background”. Basically, the grey window pops up and then Nerovision freezes. I’ve used every version I could manage to get my hands on but I keep getting the same problem. The lastest version I’ve used is probably Nero 7 Ultra. Thanks for the help.


I too am gettting this very problem. Can anyone shed some light here?

Ok, I found a temp work around.

The first time I used Nero Vision to select a background my directory was C:/MyDocs/Pics/Backgrounds/BG001.png. Subsequently each time after my first successful burn the background lockup occurred.

So I tried deleting C:/MyDocs/Pics/Backgrounds and I was then able to use the Background feature and again burn my DVD. Then when going back into Nero Vision, the same error occurred. I tried renaming the folder but this again caused the lockup, so I moved the folder into a different subdirectory and I was then able to select a background again.

My suggestion is to select an image file you want to use as your background, place it in its own folder, then run Nero Vision and create/burn your DVD, then go back and delete the folder you made.

It’s a bit of a hassle but it works.

I would still like to find a real fix for this error.

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Hi, I am new on this site and I am hoping that someone can help me with a problem with the nero vision express SE. I have made a slide show and I want to add a song to it. I know where to go to add the music but for some reason the songs that are on my hard drive will not copy to the nero program so I can add them to the slide show. Can anyone help me with this problem. Any suggestions??? Thanks Maulam

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