NeroVision Express freezes

I have been fighting this program for weeks. It really likes to freeze up my system whether I am dealing with video or with slide shows. This freezing takes place, for me, when I start the burn process and it begins to process files. I asked nero about it and their reply was the standard; “remove and re-install”. After doing that 5 times I am here as they have no real support.

What I have found is that the program does not like either music or too many ‘chapters’. Occasionally a little screen will popup and tell the user that there is no more room for more chapters on the dvd which tells me that they are reserving space and there is not enough reserved and they don’t tell anybody how to change it.

If you try and ad audio, and try and get rid of it, you cannot (discovered this from the log). You have to remove, or rename, the audio files so that it cannot find them and THEN you can get rid of the audio.

The chapter thing is interesting. I put a little video (about 25 mb) and then added about 30 chapters. The system froze. I did this because I thought I was trying to put too much on a dvd and I found out that this has nothing to do with anything.

What I wish is that somebody (I had hopes that nero could do this) could post a list of limits for nerovision express. There are, from my experience, limits and if we could find out what they were we could stop fighting this program.

Just for grins I tried this on 5 other system of varying power and memory. It just don’ make no difference. The program blows anyway and it blows before actual dvd access begins.

I would move on but I have been through about 5 different programs so far and I have found them all to be pretty delicate. Nero seems to have a really well thought out suite if they could just make it work, or add a little real support (holding my breath)