NeroVision Express Problem with Audio & Soundblaster Audigy 2

I have an ATI AIW 9700 Pro with Rage Theatre 2 Chip. The sound from my tuner is sent to the line in on my Audigy 2. When I watch TV or capture using Multimedia Center 8.7…sound is fine! When I work with Vision Express…I get a fine picture…but NO sound at all. I have checked the audio settings…set to Soundblaster Audigy 2…line in. The volume controls are grayed out…but look set at 50%. Does anyone have any clue? BTW…I also have Pinnacle Studio 8 and captures contain sound as well. Most updated Audigy 2 drivers and using Cat 3.7 with MMC 8.7 and the included WDM capture drivers from ATI for the set.

Any thoughts appreciated…and yes…I broke down and bought Nero 6 today…I have no problems burning DVD+R at 8 X with my Plextor PX-708A and Audio CDs are fine as well. Works like a champ.


The problem is the ATI card and Nero.
See the Nero and ATI thread.