NeroVision Exp. 3 slow transcoding

I just upgraded to Nero 6.6 which included NVE 3. I did not uninstall my previous version. Instead, I let setup upgrade the applications. Since upgrading, NVE 3 transcoding has gone from roughly 20-30 minutes to over 1 1/2 hours for a 1 1/2 hour captured VHS movie. As best I can tell, the settings are the same as before - aspect ratio, quality, etc. Yet, it takes 3-4 times longer to transcode a movie. Oh yes, I’m NOT burning a DVD at this stage. I am storing the transcoded files on my HDD.

Anyone know of a setting that I might have overlooked or is this what we can expect from NVE 3?

Sorry, I just found the thread started by glenn_pet. So, I see I’m not going crazy. I did notice at least the first movie I transcoded - the audio/video sync was good. As for the 2 pass vs. 1 pass quality setting, this may well speed things up, but I currently have it set at the same setting as when I was using NVE 2 (2 pass).

Had the same problem. How did I fixed it. Remove ALL Nero components and reboot. Then do a clean install and try again. It sounds simple but this was the solution I read from a Nero support person and it worked for me.

Hope this helps.


You are 100% correct. After upgrading to NVE3 form NVE2 my time increased from 11 minutes to 1 hour 40 minutes. Plus the recorded DVD was BAD.

As directed uninstalled all of Nero products. Ran their cleanup programs and reinstalled Nero, InCD, and NVE3 as if they were a new purchase.

NVE3 runs once again and only takes 11 minutes !!!

Many thanks in advance for you suggestion !!!

Well, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I uninstalled Nero 6.6 Ultra (all the apps) and ran the cleanup app and registry checker. Then reinstalled Nero 6.6 and NVE 3 is still sloooow.

Like I stated, “It worked for me” !!!

On two different Laptops (IBM ThinkPad P4 and Sony K-Series P4) and NV3 now works like NV2 did.

It went form 1 hour and fourty minutes back to 12 minutes (like it was with NV2).

Use the DVD Shrink for Transcoding and Nero Burning Rom for burning process then you will be better off.

posted by TCAS
Use the DVD Shrink for Transcoding and Nero Burning Rom for burning process then you will be better off.

Is there a way to use DVD Shrink on mpeg2 files that I don’t know about?

DVD Shrink doesn’t have any limitation on Ripping and Encoding mpeg2 files as far as I know. MPEG2 Files are dvd format files which can be either SVCD or DVD platform dendending on file resolution.


I have a 5.8 gig file named xxx.mpg that I captured from a VHS tape. I want to burn it to a single DVD in a format readable by most DVD players. I have been doing this by using NVE3 to create chapters then transcode the mpg to IFO/VOB files (for lack of a better way to describe the resulting files) and then using DVD Shrink to compress and burn to a DVD using Nero Burning ROM. But, NVE3 is very slow which is why I started this thread.

You say I can do it with DVD Shrink, but I haven’t found a way to even open the file with DVD Shrink let alone transcode it.

Can you tell me how this can be done with DVD Shrink?

The mpg file format is .3 extention of MPEG in DOS/WIN 3. platform which still has to be converted in to MPEG in Win32 platform. That is why takes to long to be encoded. You may want to take look in to the guides in following link.

That is good information and I appreciate it. But, it seems I must capture to a mpg. My capture card (part of Iomega Super DVD QuickTouch 8x) will only capture to mpeg-2 or mpeg-1. However, I was using this arrangement successfully until I upgraded to Nero 6.6. That’s when it slowed to a crawl.

If your captured files are in MPEG-1 (SVCD) or MPEG-2 (DVD) format then syouldn’t have any problem converting to real DVD platform (Bup, VOB, IFO). As for Nero6.6 there are some issue with thier NeroVisonExpress, for the time being you can go back to Nero until these issues being resulved.

Up 2 and back 3. The reason I upgraded to Nero 6.6 was at Nero’s recommendation to resolve an audio/video sync problem - which it did. I guess the slow transcoding is better than audio sync errors. Oh well. Thanks for your help.