NeroVision Dvd Video problem, help please

I’ve been trying to burn Episodes of a 40 minute show to DVD-R’s (4 Shows in total) and my problem is that the Video on the first two episodes starts off normally but within five seconds begin to slow down drastically. It ends up about 20 minutes behind the normal paced Audio when the show ends. However, the second two Episodes are perfectly normal. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why it is doing this. Does anybody know or have some ideas? I would very much appreciate it, thanks in advance.

I should also mention I am using NeroVision 4.

I don’t know, but are all 4 videos the same type file as far as encoding?

You might try setting a quality yourself and not letting the automatic function adjust it. Maybe it has something to do with the rate changing to accomodate the media size.

NV4 has been having some problems with .avi files–depending on which type.

if it starts out fine and ends up out of sinc it’s a stretch problem, if it starts out out of sinc it’s a audio displacement problem, is any compression involved in your burn??

you did not say what kind of file and where the slow down is …pc or stand alone dvd player

your Quoat was 20 minutes behind in audio. that cant be correct.

I have experienced this with a large high quality avi file before. The video plays back TOO slowly for some reason. Any help with this?