NeroVision Demo - Evaluating the SDK



Evaluating the Nero vision SDK to see if its any good. Some Findings so far:
(1.08 SDK, Nero vision, VB6+sp6 )

NVAPIExample running in debug mode

Clicked ‘Insert video’ and added a DV encoded AVI (40mb clip from DV camera)

The IDD_PREVIEW_PAGE dialog appears for a second, then Program Exits. I try it with an MPG converted version of the same file and it still causes a Program exit. I try the same but with a 2.5GB DV encoded AVI, and the preview works.

When I run the debug build EXE by double clicking, all of these files can be previewed - Is this another Nero protection thing kicking in because im running inside the IDE?

In PageSecond.cpp, the call to EstimateCreateNeroBurnContextTime fails and the error is Error code 9, XMLID:,Error text: CNeroConvertManager::CreateConverter(): unknown application(21)

Similarly, on the PageThird with the call to CreateNeroBurnContext in the OnStartProcess, the same error is reported and shown on the UI.

Does anyone know what this means?

As the SDK seems to have not moved on, is there a compatibility problem with the nerovision SDK? What versions of the Nero software have people managed to successfully run the nerovision demo application with?


OK, ive tried the SDK samples on the Nero 6 version instead of the current Nero 7’s NeroVision and seem to have more luck. The NVAPIExample seems to succeed in the EstimateCreateNeroBurnContextTime of Page 2 and no longer get the strange warnings on page 3. This leads me to the conclusion that the later versions of nerovision are not compatible with the SDK, it being an unsupported SDK released in 2005, etc. The test was with the PAL/VCD setting. Have tried the DVD setting but no luck on that front still.

No official support on the product kinda suggest Nero have an inkling about such incompatibilities - now then, do we wait for an updated SDK to emerge? Dont hold your breath!