Nerovision Creates Wrong Region DVD

I have been trying to create a DVD in NV, from a .MWV and some still photos created in other programs. The DVD creates fine but will not play on one of my DVD players or under Windows media player because it complains it is Region 2. I have all the settings I can find set to NTSC even NTSC (US) but no luck.

It will play on my Pioneer DVD recorder but it will play various region discs any way.

I took the same exact files and used an old copy of MyDVD (yuck) and create the same DVD that plays fine with the correct region.

BTW, I reported an issue to Nero about a year ago that no matter what I do when I output to AVI it creates a PAL AVI. They confirmed this was an issue but I do not believe that has been fixed.

Has anyone else in the US experienced the problem of DVD being created in the wrong region / format?

Any help is appreciated.