NeroVision crash when I open specific avi

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

This is a strange error - actually I do not even get an error, so I guess it is more of a problem:

I am in the process of converting an avi file to a DVD. The movie will be on two DVD’s. THe first avi file has been burned with no problems. When I open the second avi, within 30 seconds NeroVision will close - no error, it just goes back to the Nero quick start thingy.

I have had this problem in Nero burning some avi’s to regular CD. Again, no error message > as soone as I select a particular file (avi) the app just closes.

Has anyone else seen this? Maybe I just need a codec or something installed? I am at a loss.

I have the most recent version of Nero. If you need more info just say…


Found the following error in my event log:

Faulting application explorer.exe, version 6.0.2800.1221, faulting module nvcpl.dll, version, fault address 0x000270d8.


Thanks all,

What other Media playing applications do you have installed? I had a very similar problem with a lot of different avi files. Turned out to be the codec that WinDVD 6 had installed. The programs were all using it by default.

Yea, I used to have some Intervideo software on here. I will investigate.

Right now I have the following players:

zoom player
wmp 9
real player
ulead dvd player
divx player

I only use the first 3 really.

Thanks, tpa

If you go into the properties of Windows Media Player when you play an AVI it will tell you what codec it is using.

It tells me I am using:

XviD MPEG-4 Video Decoder

Which is a good thing. I was reading another forum on another site and there were comments saying that it was a problem related to a recent MS update/fix for WMP9 and the fact that I have an AMD 2500+ XP processor…

I also changed a registry key to stop all avi previews within explorer - seems to have eliminated the crashing of explorer - now I just have to get NeroVision to work.

Thanks for your help on this.


I have 2 machines, both running AMD 2500+ cpus. I have all main updates installed, except general security updates for XP. I can’t say i’ve had NeroVision express crash on me since i removed the intervideo codec.

I’m having the same problem. I don’t have any Intervideo codecs installed, only divx & ffdshow. The file in question plays perfectly w/ Nero Showtime, so I would think NeroVision could handle it. :confused: If anybody solves this, please post. :bow:

A new major update of Nero is out now, so try that first.