NeroVision Copy movie issue

Hello all,

I am using Nerovision 2 to copy a movie from a DVD. When I import the DVD or files and attempt to record to a new DVD… the aspect ratio is goofed up. In other words… the left and right sides squeeze in and the visual image is almost totally vertical. Why would this happen? How do I correct this problem?


I am not running any other programs… using Windows XP Pro… importing from DVD-R movie recorded using my DVD Recorder.

I appreciate your advice.

Note that NeroVision is now up to version 4 - don’t know how much of a factor that is but upgrading could help when using Nero.

What media are you using?
The following thread rates the quality of media (virtually everyone on CDF prefers Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden.

Is the movie copy protected? If it is, you need an additional peice of software.

NeroVision is esentially used to create a DVD (capture/add video and/or photos) anmd create a project. If you want to make a copy of a non-protected DVD, look at Nero Express.

What is the movie and what regions is it?

There may be other questions and other issues but this is enough for now.

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Thank you for your reply, Jeff. Very helpful…