Nerovision clock icon

I know why I can’t make this movie with nero vision despite the fact that I’ve made 85 other movies from the capture source and TV show. there’s only 88 episodes to capture, and this is one of the last 3 I need.
I’ve waited months for this one to roll over again. And the other 2 haven’t been seen in a year or more.
really crappy seeing nero vision process 15 other TP files from the same show, captured in the past 3 months. But not the one I need.
Anyways went thru a bunch of twists with other software to convert it into a mpg, that nerovision COULD still handle.

The question is WHY is nero vision ONLY showing the AUDIO from this show and a clock at 3 PM instead of a thumbnail from the 1st image in the capture ?
And what does this clock thumbnail mean other than it’s not going to convert this file correctly ?
Also there is no video with nerovision in this TP.
I had to use HDTV2MPEG2 to convert it from TP, remove the commercials, and save it as MPEG2. before nerovision would even look at it.