Nerovision avi->dvd sound sync problems

I’ve been burning basic avi tv episodes to dvd (6 a disk) via Nerovision for quite some time with great success…

… however I’ve suddenly started having a problem with picture lagging behind the audio track - sometimes almost 10 - 30 seconds out. I’ve tried burning as both PAL and NTSC (incase it made a difference - it didn’t). The avi’s I have are perfectly sync-ed and it’s only when viewed on a DVD player that it becomes a problem.

I recently tried the update of Nero - but it was a disaster so I uninstalled (with a nero clean tool) and installed the basics again - could this be the root of my problem… hmmm it all seemed to start after then

Here’s a link to a text file Nero generated of my system specs if it helps !!

Many thanks for any advice !!