Nerovision: Author without re-encoding?




I have a number of video files (all valid DVD-MPEG2) at differing bit rates which I want to put onto DVD. Some are TV progs and some are backups of my commercial DVD’s etc… the idea being I can take some stuff to watch on holiday on my portable DVD player.

All the MPEG files are ready and I simply want to burn them to disc without having them re-encoded as that part of the process has already been done.

I can’t find anywhere in Nerovision that will allow my to burn the files without re-encoding… I would have thought that a simple checkbox would be available to prevent re-encoding, but I can’t find it.

Can I do what I am trying to with Nerovision or am I being to ambitious with this software?




try checking “Smart Encoding” introduced in Nerovision - it’s in Video Options


Oh right I wondered what that was for… I’ll give that a go!