Nerovision audio visiual sync problems

hey guys… im new here, but im trying to burn off download’s to dvd to playback on the tv

all is well and good however the audio is about 1 second behind the visuals…

im using a philips 16x16 lightscribe drive and nero vision

Can anyone help me out? cheers

For your future reference, this is a Nero Recode forum but there is a more general Nero and INCD forum. Also, the moderators will not permit questions re. downloaded software, if it come from pirated sources.

I am not suggesting your downloads are pirated but please be aware that people here like to help genuine requests, but will not assist in piracy.

It is a fact of life that downloaded is often badly put together and suffers audio sync issues.

Unfortunately, your question is too vague.

To help you more information would be required e.g. what is the source of the file, format e.g.mepg2, mpeg1 etc. What are you doing to convert it to DVD etc. - are you using Nero Vison Express etc.

well… the source formats are mpeg2 and avi however whatever source i use it still puts the audio out of sync… on some programs ive heard that you can set the audio track +/- seconds to get it back into sync.

is this possible as it seems the audio doesnt slowly go out of time but is out from the start.

oh, and its only out of sync AFTER the mpeg>dvd encode

oh and to clarify, i got a retail version of nero with my dvd writer so dont presume… but thanks for the help so far

I am not having any problems with sinc with NVE31016. It took Nero many revisions to finally get it right. On the testing front, the new NVE4001(V7) has the sinc problems just like the original NVE31016 had.

well ive only got the 31016 version, is there anyway to change the sync? like i said earlier, ive seen a few programs that allow you to change the placement of the audio… any ideas if i could actually alter this in nero or is does it lack the feature?

Cheers Beach-Hobo

well this forum really lacks everything a forum is made from a combination of. the first reply to my thread was an insulting string of words implying im using pirate copies and sorry oilman but im not a dvd geek… just a regular guy trying to burn off dvds.

The forum makes me laugh, thanks for your help hobo tho

To: dumpstar85,
I would recommend going over to and post your question. That site has A FULL TIME Nero tech support person that logs on everyday. I am not in a position to hely you but Craig can. What I was trying to tell you it took Nero over a year to get NVE working right for me with 31016.

I had the chance to test V7 and I’m back running V6. Thet were too too many problems. The worst one was the NVE reverted back to all the problems they were having a year ago.

Good luck…

I think that should be :slight_smile:

Firstly, I sincerely apologise for inferring that you were using pirate copies. I was actually refering to dowloaded DVD material (not your version of Nero)

Many new people come on this site and start asking questions about downloaded dvd being out of sync, and in many cases these are from dubious sources. My comment were only intended to be a friendly reminder, and on reflection perhaps I was too heavy handed - for that I again apologise.

In addition, I went on to ask for more information and since then you have received extra advise. There are many good and helpful people here - please do not be disillusioned by your first visit.

In fact, if you visit the Nero and INCD forum and search there you will find a lot of advice re. out of sync audio.

Finally, you could try the freeware virtualdub (mepeg2) version for fixing your files.

I think thats a nice thing you did, appolgizing for misconstrued remarks in your first reply to dumpstar.

Actually, I thought dumpstar was being a little too sensitive, as I understood what you were trying to say…referring to downloaded movies, torrents, and not his Nero software.

So, you really didnt have to appologize, but you did, and that was pretty cool.
Good work.

Secondly, I am having the same problem with a downloaded movie…yes, its a torrent movie… a p2p share movie, that has about a 1 second delay between the sound and the moving lips.

Your final entry of trying virtualdub actually helped me sync up the sound, to the movie.

I understand that this is not a place where you want to help, or talk about “pirated” movies, so I will not put you on the spot and ask for any kind of a reply to this post.

(personally, i dont think a person who is downloading a movie, that has already been released on dvd, from a p2p sharing website, from a person who wants to share that movie, is pirating, but that may just be semantics).

what i did want to say, is thank you for pointing me towards virtualdub.

i have the entire nero8 suite, and im pretty sure there is at least one audio program in here somewhere that would do what virtualdub did, but i only use the nero player and dvd creator, so i wouldnt have known which of the other 9, nero 8 software programs to use, to do this.

again, thanks for the virtualdub lead.