NeroVision audio level problem

Just recently I started burning DVD-video’s of my MPeg movies with NeroVison 3. After a few burns, I noticed that the sound level of each burn was very low compared to the original material.
I found the setting in Nerovision (under “edit movie”) where you can adjust the sound via a slider, but what baffles me is that ALWAYS the level for every clip I import is initially set at a default of 33%. That way, I have to adjust the levels seperately for every movie I add to the compilation …

Am I missing something here? Is there somewhere a setting in the Nero suite ( or Nero Digital ( where I can set the sound level to a standard 100% ?

Thanx in advance!

It’s been a while but I remember the same thing when using Nero 6. I had to resort to an earlier version of NVE which did not have the 33% problem.

I believe it was NVE Try the no_yt (Yahoo Toolbar) version.

An earlier uninstall of the complete Nero 6 suite, clean-up and reinstall, as Nero support suggested (after 4 days), did bring back the problem of default too low sound levels.

But now, this “33% problem” has indeed gone!
I uninstalled NVE (the latest in Nero 6), installed NVE, and then upgraded again except NeroVision itself (renamed the NV directory before upgrading) and the audio problem has gone, the sound level defaults at 100%, as it should.

MysticEyes, thank you very much for your suggestion and the links, that was very helpful!

Your welcome. Many folks knock Nero but it has it’s uses, when it’s running right.