NeroVision API from XML File: svcd fine but not dvd

Hello everybody,

my subject here is quite special and I already digged deep into the Nero Vision API. While trying to rewrite the NeroVision sample application i used Project::SetXmlFile() to set the XML file to the Project and to get the burning context afterwards.

For testing I used some xml files generated by the Nero Vision API Example.
When using XML files from svcd projects everything went fine. But when using an XML from dvd projects the resulting DVD media only gets a volume name and has no contents at all.

Because the CreateBurningContext function returns immediately when using an XML from dvd I think that transcoding is completely missing in this context. However I never get any negative return values (I check them all in the code) and even end up with NERO_BURN_OK or some like that.

Interesting in this context is also the fact, that an xml file from svcd and one from dvd only differ in the encoding tag. This is enough to let the above behaviour occur.

Could it be possible that this is a bug in the SetXMLFile function or do I make a mistake ?

Anyone who knows some kind of reason for this please answer.

I found the solution accidentally. The result is: While (s)vcd does not require the call to the EstimateCreateNeroBurnContextTime function a dvd will get ruined when not calling this function before CreateNeroBurnContext. :doh:

Probably this is the result of a different behaviour of the vcd and dvd engine.
EstimateCreateNeroBurnContext is absolutely essential for getting the transcoding to work when working on a dvd project. Without the transcoding the dvd will be ruined.

It sounds strange but that is the truth