NeroVision API Crash


I am experiencing a problem when using the sample NeroVision application. I am trying to create a simple VideoDVD that contains a single video file. I have version of NeroVision installed.

The problem I have is the application terminates without explanation on completing the time estimation call. However this only happens why trying to include certain mpeg files on the dvd.

I have a small number of mpeg files that I’m using, the only pattern I have found is the mpeg’s that cause the problem are in 11:9 aspect ratio, those that are successful are in 1.34:1 aspect ratio.

If anybody knows why I am having problems with certain mpeg files I would appreciate assistance.

Many Thanks


I have also found that with versions and of NeroVision installed a null reference exception is thrown on completion of creating the burn context, the only version I have tried where this exception doesn’t occur is